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Big Mouthfulls Presents Cassie

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007


Cassie is a cutie for sure. She has that hometown cute look about her with her hair feathered back. And she looks great in that pair of faded jeans. If you ever saw her on the street you’d never even guess that she was addicted to big cock.slob1.jpgslob2.jpg

But rest assured she is an addict. Cassie loves huge cocks. They way she worships this dudes big prick you’d think he was going to ejaculate $100 bills and not the gallon of man juice that he dumps on her face.slob4.jpg

See Cassie worship a big prick

Blowjob Races

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Close your eyes and think of a magical place. A place where there are hot cock slobbering chicks who want nothing more than to suck you off and make you cum as quickly as possible. A place where they will do anything to reach their goal – to make you bust the biggest nut you have ever busted. Unbelivable? Now open your eyes – you just found your magical place – Blowjob Races. At Blowjob Races these girls do anything they can to make their partner cum as fast as possible. Its a race against the cum clock and these chicks will not let these guys finish in second place.
Here we have Puma. Puma has a serious set of hot knockers and she sure knows how to suck a cock. Puma will do anything she can to make you bust a nut like never before and win the blowjob race. If she cant get you off quick enough by deepthroating your cock she will lick your asshole while she plays with your balls. A real woman this Puma is. Click on the link below and watch Puma win the blowjob race.

Gag On My Cock – Malezia

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Let me tell you about Malezia. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this little whore. The look on her face when she got a gallon of spew shot up her nose was priceless. You’d think she would have liked it the way she whined as she was gagging on cock.scene8big.jpg

The thing I do not understand though is you can tell just by looking at her that Malezia has been a whore her whole life yet she acted surprised when the dude wanted to see if he could touch her tonsils with his pricks. Come on Malezia, get over it, accept your place as a worthless cunt.
See Malezia gag and take spew up her nose