Gag On My Cock – Keanni

February 15th, 2007

Dark skinned Asian chick Keanni is as dumb as they come. When she went to the Gag on my Cock studios she thought she was going to be a glamorous porn star. When she left 2hours later after having her throat fucked and taking a face full of cum . I think she finally realized she was just another whore.

I’ll give her some credit though. She is a cute whore. She has a tight little body and long dark hair. She isn’t used and abused like so many of the whore cock suckers that you see walk in off the street. Of course she is only 19, give her 3 years and she will look like any other worthless fuck hole.

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Teen girl sucking like crazy

February 1st, 2007

Sexy young teen girl sucks and fucks like a tiger

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These young teen girls never fail to impress me. Maybe it’s because they pretend to know what they’re doing, and do it with a natural grace. Teen sex is said to be on the decline but I haven’t seen proof of that. Teenie Video is cock full of young girls fucking and sucking like animals. Check out this teen porn video preview and go further into the site. You can get access to 30+ other exclusive porn sites for the low price of one. It’s a must have membership.

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So Emo it Hurts . . . Her Throat!

January 17th, 2007

I just love a nice shot in the mouth and letting it drip down my chin onto my tits.  I had just got home from the mall and waiting for me in the den was a thick cock, ready to go.

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Angelica Does Anal

December 28th, 2006

Today’s the day the blondes have their way! Sandie Caine and Angelica, two beautiful and sexy blondes, go at it with each other and a hard cock. They lick each other and participate in all kinds of hot action before getting it on with a rigid-cocked man. This guy is really having the time of his life, plowing into these two ladies like there’s no tomorrow. They love every minute of it and truly treat him like a king. Angelica and Sandie both know how to fuck, there’s no question about that. These highly experienced sluts are ready for some hot and hardcore action.

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First Ever Facial

December 26th, 2006

Four girls that are just out of highschool decided to go together and experience their first facial. These four ladies were confronted with a group of men that were more than happy to deliver. The final result: a lot of cum loving teens with big smiles!

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Xmas Snowballs

December 26th, 2006

The only snowballs you’ll find at this Xmas party are the ones that cum whores Sandie and Autumn are blowing into each others well frosted faces! Santa would sure be proud of these two slutty elves … that is, if he could keep his cock out of his hand! These 2 horny sluts take all the cum they can handle in the “spirit of the season!” Click here to see the free trailer!

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Holly deep throating Wellin

December 23rd, 2006

Today we have Holly Wellin. This one is a bit naughty and loves the cock. I mean loves sucking cock. It seems like every 5 minutes, she had to have a cock sandwich in the mouth. There’s nothing better a girl who just want to deep throat your cock every possible chance she gets.

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Got Slobber?

December 21st, 2006

Yea – this is what slobber party was based off of! If your girl can make this face she is definately a keeper! Check out this great movie from Tender Loving Abuse!

Missy shows her asshole before deepthroating cock. Lots of dripping saliva follows before swallowing a load. Movie runtime: 14 mins.

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Deep Throat Fuck

December 21st, 2006

Dark haired Natalie gets a cock stuffed right down her throat for the 1st time ever. Watch how she takes it in this flick!

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Can’t See Shit!

December 20th, 2006

all thes hot bitches couldnt see shit by the time we were done with em. they got teased and treated pretty well til we were all ready to jizz… then it was lites out for these hotties. this vid is good but whats even better was getting to watch them whine and complain after. their eyes were all bright red and irritated. bitch wanted ME to go out and buy her fucking visine… i told her use water, slut! VISINE ISN’T PART OF THE BUDGET! these hos got paid enough for all the jizz eating their eyeballs did, i wasnt about to run out to the store for them. i guess im still a lil pissed about that but the vid is hot!

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